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November, an Under-rated Month ?
by Lisa Brinkmann, Executive Director, Marin Villages

I never really think of November as being an exciting month. Actually, when I think about it, usually it is in connection for "readying" myself for the holidays. In fact, my favorite holiday, Thanksgiving, in recent years has signified the onslaught of sales, parties and year-end deadlines. November, though, is a probably one of the most special month of the year for many reasons.

In Marin, November is when we first notice the change of seasons. Our warm Indian Summer days are greeted by chilly, dark mornings. And just when we become accustomed to dawn coming later, we "fall back", change our clocks and recapture a much enjoyed extra hour. (Don't forget to do so on Sunday, November 4th)

November is the month in which we express our values by turning out to vote and making our individual voice known. If you need a ride to the voting booth, give us a call! (Don't forget to either mail in your ballots or visit your voting booth on November 6th!)

Thanksgiving is celebrated at the end of November - a simple holiday when we gather with friends and family to give thanks - for friends and family, the life we enjoy and the blessings life has bestowed on us.

And of course, November is the month we show gratitude to our veterans who have sacrificed to protect our rights, this special right to vote and the life we enjoy. Please take a moment on November 11th - Veteran's Day - to celebrate the dedication of all of our U.S. military veterans.

To our Veteran members and volunteers, thank you for your service!

Below are a few websites to help support our veterans:

U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

Every day discounts for Veterans and their families

47 Stores that offer military discounts all year long

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