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Marin Villages is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization empowering older adults to be active, connected, and independent in the place they call home.  Through our network of volunteers and local villages, we are bringing to life a great idea: vibrant local communities of members and volunteers, enriching each other’s lives, building new connections, and making everyday life easier as we age. 

We have a central office in San Rafael with a small administrative staff. Members call this office when they have a need for a particular service or form of assistance and we work to find volunteers to assist the

In addition, we are represented in the community through our local, geographically-based villages which are run entirely by volunteers. Currently, these local villages include Mill Valley Village, Novato Village, Ross Valley Village, San Rafael Village, Tiburon Peninsula Village, and Twin Cities Village.

What we do
Our local villages help members stay engaged and active by focusing on presenting a variety of programs tailored to their members' interests. Our programs range from coffees and happy-hours to educational talks and cultural outings, to hiking and games.

These offer the opportunity to meet new friends (something that gets harder as we age) and help prevent the isolation which often accompanies aging. Our members tell us they value this sense of community and friendship as much, if not more than any other aspect of their membership in Marin Villages.

The sorts of direct services provided by our volunteers include flexible, local, and personalized one-on-one support for services such as transportation, handyman help, organizing, tech support, pet care, companionship and more. But, as we often point out, "a ride from a Marin Villages volunteer is more than just a ride".

Our volunteers providing direct services not only help older adults with tasks that might be difficult or impossible for them to handle easily as they age, they provide a comforting connection to local individuals who are really interested in helping ease these sorts of burdens.

Because aging brings on changes and needs for services that can quickly accelerate, we also provide "one-stop" assistance to members who may need to find other services or assistance available to help meet changing needs.


Labor Day

Marin Villages in the News
Read about how Marin Villages has been helping older adults safely shelter in place during COVID-19 in this piece from the Marin Voice section of the Marin IJ.(may require a subscription. If so click below for the article)

Marin Voice: At-risk residents living independently need an assist during pandemic stay-home order By Peter Lee and Cheryl Sorokin.

The Impact of Marin Villages
Late member, Vivienne Miller tells a personal story of how Marin Villages improved her life and even kept her alive longer by helping her stay active and connected.

Thanks to Kristi Denton Cohen (Peloton Productions), Kim Scarsella, Ginna Fleming, and Lisa Brinkmann   

Marin Villages - Faces of 90
Hear some amazing nonagenarians talk about the life-enhancing services of Marin Villages and their musings on the secrets of longevity.

Marin Villages on AirLisa Brinkmann (former Executive Director of Marin Villages) discusses the big, small, and sometimes surprising ways Marin Villages helps older adults remain active, connected, and independent in their communities.

Marin Villages - on Public Advocate
An in-depth talk between former Executive Director Lisa Brinkmann and Shirley Graves on Public Advocate (Novato Community Television), ranging from services Marin Villages offers to partnerships with other Marin organizations helping older adults—with plenty of stories peppered throughout.

Marin Villages Website
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