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We simply couldn’t exist without the commitment and energy of our great network of individuals who donate their time, skills and experience to help older adults in Marin remain active, connected and independent in the place they call home!

What Our Volunteers Do
Volunteers respond to our members’ requests for local, personalized one-on-one support for services such as transportation, handyman help, organizing, tech support, pet care, companionship and more. 

But, as we often point out, “a ride from a Marin Villages volunteer is more than just a ride.”  

Our volunteers not only help older adults with tasks that might be difficult or impossible for them to handle alone, they provide a comforting connection and lend a friendly hand when needed. Most volunteer assignments are helping members living in the same geographic area as the volunteer’s home.

Volunteering with Marin Villages is flexible. There is no fixed time commitment or schedule, although we ask that volunteers respond to requests at least once or twice a month.

Our volunteers can also focus on the type of activity they are most interested in doing. Some of our volunteers prefer to be drivers. Others focus their volunteering on tech support or handyman services.  Others still manage the work of our local villages by joining a steering committee. And of course, there are always requests to help out with office projects.

All volunteers agree to undergo a background check and sign a confidentiality agreement to help protect the privacy of Marin Villages’ members.

Drivers will have an additional DMV check and need to provide proof of insurance.

Assignment of Requests for Services
Our volunteer assignments are available for volunteers to review and accept 24 hours a-day/7 days a week. And it’s easy to do!

Volunteers are provided an ID and password, allowing them access to our web-based assignment site, which we call “the Dashboard”. Once logged in, volunteers can view open requests, review specific details or needs and sign-up/accept the assignment with just one click. They then receive an immediate acknowledgment of the member’s contact information and ... they're off!

Our office will also receive a confirmation and notify the member that their request has been accepted with the name of the volunteer.

Volunteers helping on projects or with local village programming are typically contacted directly by email or phone from the office or the local village leadership.

You can download application forms here: available for download

Volunteer Application

You can find out more about becoming a volunteer by contacting the office: 415-457-4633 or


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