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Three male volunteers
From our Members

Our Members Say it Best!

Because of Marin Villages, I can live independently. You are my lifesaver. Joan R.

After this [COVID] is over, we have to have a big celebration for the volunteers. I used to go with them to get groceries and they have always been great. Since it started, they have been calling me often to make sure I’m ok, plus doing the grocery shopping for me! They are amazing. Peter D.

I just wanted you to know how much we appreciate being part of Marin Villages. It’s nice to be part of such a warm and caring community, particularly in these uncertain times. Thanks for the greeting cards, remembering birthdays, keeping us all connected, you’re definitely a comfort. Sandy S.

I’m 86 years old. I cannot recommend Marin Villages and its volunteers enough for the value I receive from their many and varied services. They direct their energies to ease the burden for senior citizens on a number of household fronts—from computer repairing to reading to those who are visually challenged; from providing rides to an array of medical appointments to offering succor and solace to the lonely and disadvantaged; as well as offering to do odd jobs outside the purview of more traditional modes of service.

In a world where there seems to be a serious decline in social programs, especially for the elderly, the Villages are known for their creative curriculum featuring many programs aimed at satisfying the human needs of men and women in the autumn of their lives. Al B.

In Marin Villages everybody has something to offer, a sense of humor, a different perspective on life.
I’d say to join!  You have nothing to lose. It’s worth the money!

Joan R.
Joan R.

Irv G.
Marin Villages has provided me with an entirely new group of friends and acquaintances to enjoy, especially through its many activities and programs, including twice-monthly men's coffees at Mill Valley Village
Irv G.

Love you, Marin Villages. I’m so thankful you are there. It is a feeling of being cared for and included and safe. Thank you for creating “home.” Denise F.

Thank you so much for all these wonderful events that we can watch online! It makes sheltering in place bearable! With much appreciation. Rose A.

I just wanted to let you know that I always enjoy the upbeat music that is a part of your newsletter and I often forward the songs to friends. Today I sent the Guantanamera song to my 91-year-old friend. She wrote to thank me and said she’d been feeling down but the music had made her feel better. I wanted you to know that you’re making a difference. Diane Y.

For more great comments from our members, check out this video we produced for a party celebrating members who were turning 90 in that year.