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Tech Tips - iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch


Rich Bowlin lives up to his name and provides a rich repository of video resources of tips for iPhones, iPad and Apple Watch. His website Begin Together has more information including links to his video channel which containes curated playlists. 

iPhone Tips for Seniors
For those looking for iPhone tips this series of short video is a great resource. Each video is succinct and very well presented.

1: Basic Settings

2: Using Apple Contacts

3: Using the Phone

4: How to Make a Face Time Call

5: How to Use Apple Notes

6: How to Use Apple Reminders

7: Learning How to Swipe

8: How to Text

9: How to Use Control Center

10: How to Surf the Web

11: How to Use the Camera

12: How to Email

Apple Watch Tips
Those considering the purchase of an Apple watch or how to use and get more out of your Apple watch, should watch the videos below which provides excellent information. 

Is the Apple Watch Right for You
How I use my Apple Watch in real life
Apple watch safety features