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Tech Tips

Marin Villages helps older adults manage their technology, from smartphones, smart tablets, smart watches, smart TV and of course laptop and desktop computers.

This page will offer reqular tips from Marin Villages tech volunteers and members and will tap into some of the great videos on the internet that are greated to providing technology assistance to seniors.

Technology / Computer Help Office Hours

3rd Wednesday of the month
September 20, 4:00 – 5:30pm
via Zoom

Issues with your printer? iPhone not syncing properly? If so, join our volunteer tech support group for the answers to these and all of your other burning technology questions! We look forward to continuing to help solve your frustrating tech problems. This is a space where you can "drop in," ask questions, and receive personalized, individually focused, expert tech advice from some of our wonderful tech volunteers. Even if you'd just like to sit in to learn a little more about technology, we'd love to have you participate! So bring your questions about your computers, tablets, phones, smart watches and smart TVs etc., and our dedicated tech volunteers will do the rest. This opportunity is available to all Marin Villages members and volunteers. Please join us at this link!


Tip of the Month - Remember This
This month's tip below is for those who want an easy way to remember things. The video, which requires a little knowledge of Apple's short cuts, demonstrates how to easily create a daily note of things you want to remeber to do, using text or dictation input and how to organize them in a folder in Apple Notes. It also shows how to add the shortcut for "Remember This" and the Remember This Notes folder to your home screen as widgets. 

If it's a little overwhelming, but you are interested in the functionality - reach out to the office and they will find a Marin Village Tech Volunteer to assist you.

Other Tech Tips:

iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch Tips
How to use the Apple keychain to manage passwords